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SBG Securities
Our Offerings
Our Offerings
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Who we are
Who we are

Welcome to SBG Securities Uganda

An investment House and brokerage firm of Standard Bank Group that provides access to various local, regional and international markets.

Stockmarket at your doorstep
We help you access local, regional stocks and regional bonds through our affiliated entities.
Easy access

We service our clients through our branch networks of Standard/Stanbic bank around the world.

Our services
Global Track Record

We have presence in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Côte d’ivoire which gives you a vast exposure of investment options.

Certified Trust

SBG Securities Uganda Ltd is a subsidiary of Stanbic Uganda Holdings. It is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda and a member of the Uganda Securities Exchange since April 2021.

What we offer
Wezimbe Unit Trust
Wezimbe Unit Trust

The Wezimbe Unit Trust is an investment product that enables you to pool your money together with other investors (unit holders) to create a large fund. This Fund is managed by a professional Unit Trust Manager who invests in a wide range of securities such as Shares, Treasury Bills to get a favorable return on your Investment.


We buy and sell shares on behalf of our clients across regional markets: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. SBG Securities Uganda will help you access local and regional stocks through our affiliated entities.

Fixed income
Fixed Income Investments

Invest in interest bearing instruments issued by the government for purposes of raising money to fund budget programs. We offer access to best bonds which depend on your risk tolerance, time horizon, and long-term financial goals.


We support IPOs, secondary offerings, privatisations, rights issues and convertible bonds, and help clients communicate effectively with the markets in connection with their transactions. We assist clients with primary equity and equity-linked products, monetisations and structured solutions across capital markets. This includes the management of syndication, structuring, marketing and distribution.

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SBGS Uganda Umbrella Fund Annual Reports

Read our annual reports and audited financial statements for the SBG Securities Uganda Umbrella Fund.